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Started by prophect_five, October 26, 2005, 01:25:46 PM

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ok yes i admit i'm rubbish at this

well i'm a complete idiot at building websites and had just got around to starting to work out how to use the FTP when the fire looking at the Plesk stuff makes my head spin...can anyone explian to me in leymans terms how to get started...i've tried adding some html files from my computer onto it, but it wont let i doing something wrong? I am probably, cause like i said, im rubbish...
thanks for any help...


You have to upload to your httpdocs directory...

If you find plesk somewhat new and confusing, you can also use net2ftp which is the exact ftp online file manager Freepgs used before the fire, so it should look and feel familiar.

Go to

for FTP server simply use
for port, leave it at 21

Username Enter your freepgs username
Password  And your freepgs password

You should tick Passive mode
In Initial director you should type in /httpdocs which will take you automatically to the corect folder where you can build and upload your files

Leave the rest a lone.


thank you very much for you help...i find the ftp server much easier to use!


Well also if you have an FTP Client like Coffe Cup FTP or Macromedia Dreamweaver (It's more than just FTP) Then you can just use with your own password and name.
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