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my email is not working

Started by jonano, October 23, 2005, 04:43:21 AM

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I am receiving any email today and I did a test, I emailed me to and I never received the email. Is there a problem
with the emails? How can I fix this ?



I dont and didnot receive any email today and yesterday and I usually get 5 emails per day.


I have the same problem... I can't imagine how many mails I've missed... What to do? :-[


I haven't received an e-mail through my domain since the 20th, and I normally get quite a few daily. For one, I'm on a mailing list that I should be receiving e-mails from daily. I just sent myself a test e-mail and didn't get that either. I was getting them for a few days once I got my account set back up.


Damned... :-[ I can't imagine what I've missed so far...


It took 3 hours, but I did finally get my test e-mail. It's the first (and only) e-mail I have received through my domain in 3 days.


Are you guys all using the pop email boxes at (with the plesk server)?


Mine webmail is not working...? ???

I hope everything's alright, cause my mail seems to be working now... I hope i can get everything. :P



no route to this domain, host unavailable


Be sure your domain is pointed to our nameservers.

If your domain is pointed to our nameservers, be sure all DNS records are correct and that mail services are enabled via Plesk.

If your domain is not pointed to our nameservers, you will not be able to use our email services.  You must use the email services provided by your registrar.

Thank you, Admin


Help! My mail is not working again! :-[


My pop email went down, but when I clicked "This Server Requires SSL Connection" it worked again.
You can do this in Outlook Express Under the Advanced Settings in your email account


I am using Firefox but I found that in the options... What is it all about?

It's workin now. :)