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NameServer Problems?

Started by OLG, October 21, 2005, 07:48:54 PM

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Is it me, or did my domain just stop resolving, even though until the point where i realised it was down, i havent really changed anything in plesk???


No, it's not just you.

My domain is down too. (It was already remade and was working fine this morning)


Same here.  My site won't load either.

webzone (archived)

Sounds like the nameserver is confused... It is online, accept requests, but provides wrong info.

QuoteSearching for A record at []: Reports that no A records exist. [took 72 ms]


The nameserver had stopped running.

All of this will be resolve when we get our own server up and running again.

In the meantime, we are working with Plesk and the server vendor to correct the current issues.

Thank you, Admin


Oh... Thanks for the info :P I was also can't access to my domain  :-\
--- WongPK ---


just thought i would notify you of perhaps another problen  ???
at 12:12PM GMT+1, domain name would not resolve.

Chillout admin

i had the same problem and i have  still when i put my ip in the browser then i go to a plesk error

when wil this be working or im doing something stupid


Be sure your domain is spelled correctly in Plesk and enabled.

Please PM me for more details or to correct.

Thank you, Admin