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invitation with Mailman

Started by jonano, October 21, 2005, 07:43:40 PM

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I tryed to invite myself with my mailing list (Mailman) and the
invitation never came to my account, could you test it at your own and
see what`s happening for you if it`s working well? I used my hotmail
account and I looked to my junk mail, I see nothing. Im talking about
the invitation feature of mailman in mass subscription.



what can I do to fix the problem of the invitation feature of mailman? If I invite more than 3 million of people, is it considered spam and can I do it ?


3 million people? If they all requested the email be sent, it's not spam, but I don't think you should try that, especially all at once. It would probably overload the server. If they Didn't request the email, that would be massive spamming. With 3 million people, you'd probably be in a LOT of trouble.

Right now there have been several reports of mail not working properly. You'll have to wait a bit until an admin can look into it.