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Started by ghost, October 16, 2005, 11:16:08 PM

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I am just lost, when I try to access my site ( It just says "Could not connect", Just wondering if this is because of the dns or something else? In plesk is shows the proper IP address ( and I have no idea how to change the nameservers, if that is the problem.

- Ghost -


And, everything is fixed. (Thanks Julian) It was just a problem with my connect script that I forgot to update when I changed the db username.  :P ::)
- Ghost -


It works for me.. you must be patient though, the DNS records are updated via your ISP and for some users it may take longer before your site is viewable. Rest assured you should be able to view it in less than 20 hours.


The DNS wasn't the problem in this case. It was just a simple mis-match in the DB settings information in his script.