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Help... I gotta Blank Page in php "Find out what to do"

Started by GP™, October 17, 2005, 05:32:12 AM

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Alright guys, Since this just happened to me, I guess I need to post about it.
PHP Error display is currently disabled on the server which means, if you forget a ;, you will prob get a blank page.

To fix this create a .htaccess in your htdocs folder, in this .htaccess put the following line, as is, do not change it

php_value display_errors 1

This will turn on your error display for php so no more blank screen and that pretty error screen..
If your like me, when I figered out what I did wrong, and got over feeling stupid, I'm glad to have that error screen back,
it would have penpointed that error!!



Note: This will only work for users on our Plesk service.

The default action is to "show" errors on the FreePgs system.

Thank you, Admin


The default error reporting has been changed to E_ALL except E_NOTICE and E_STRICT.
(This way it will properly match the default "Error Reporting" action as set in the Options panel)

Thank you, Admin