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SHUTDOWN (Plesk and Other Outdated Servers)

Started by admin, July 01, 2022, 09:45:05 PM

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We are finally shutting down the following servers:

 - Running unsupported CentOS 6
 - Plesk with only a few active users due to previous attempts at migration in 2019
 - Shut down will occur by July 10, 2022 as all active users were already migrated.
 - We sent a reminder to those with content still on the server to either migrate or data will be lost
**Update 7/17/2022: We have moved all sites from this server and scheduled to shut it down**

 - Running unsupported CentOS 6
 - Plesk with only a few active users due to many migrating to EU2 in a nearby data center
 - We have just started the review process for the discontinuation of this server again.
 - From the initial review, it seems 95% of the sites are not active, have no valid domains, or are disabled/expired.
**Update 7/17/2022: We are checking what additional sites are not active before moving forward**

 - Infrastructure server that was moved from 60 William (Manhattan) to Dallas, TX a few years ago
 - No longer being used
**Updated 7/18/2022: This server has been decommissioned**

We hope to have these taken down by the end of July 2022.  (This is almost 3 years passed the date we intended to do this.)

The following servers are also being reviewed:

 - cPanel on CentOS 6 (no new updates for a while) and unsupported.
 - We originally setup EWR to replace this as well as the EAST Plesk server.
 - Our hosting/billing management site is still hosted here.  If we keep EU2 and EWR we may keep it alive and reimport the EWR sites into it.
**Update 7/17/2022: We are moving our own sites to another system and will investigate how many additional sites need moved**

 - Newer OS but not running the latest updates due to other components that need upgraded first.
 - This is not on the list to be removed at this time due to it being the only server left in the region after EU is removed from service.
**Update 7/17/2022: We have verified most of the components are running an updated version**

 - NJ Infrastructure Server that hasn't been used in years

This forum was updated to the latest release and moved to EWR
**Update 7/18/2022: We have adjusted the template settings and forced SSL on the forum**
**Update 7/22/2022: We have reinstalled CP1 and CP2 with a newer OS and reattached to the DNS Cluster**