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Service Discontinuation

Started by admin, April 28, 2017, 05:02:04 PM

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Unfortunately, due to the number of users that have failed to keep their scripts up to date and/or their credentials secure, we are forced to start shutting down this service.  We can continue all cPanel operations as there are more safeguards in place, however, users will still need to keep their scripts updated.


Do you mean those who are in the old Plesk servers must migrate to the cPanel servers in order to continue the FreePgs service?

So, we need to really call the attention of all FreePgs members and remind to all that they really need to update their scripts, REALLY, as to secure and safeguard the service.

Well, I have no doubts in choosing since 2004 the best web hosting service I have ever experience at all, all hail! Cheers! ;)