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Wierd Redirect

Started by Scorpion Illuminati, February 04, 2017, 12:03:12 AM

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Scorpion Illuminati

I have a subdomain https://ignition* being redirected to a page called Shair & Nature. Whats weird is it is currently setup to point to a folder called "ignition" inside my home folder and not another web page. The contents of that folder is a single file:


echo "Test";


You have permission to verify that yourselves.I also verified my dns setting are correct. link to test results are correct and in working order. Could you please check into this?


Scorpion Illuminati
Scorpion Illuminati - A retro rhythm game for the sega genesis!


This was due to SSL not being setup in cPanel for this domain correctly.  The AutoSSL process was forced which seemed to have enabled the SSL properly for this sub domain in the panel itself.