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Changes in 2016

Started by admin, January 18, 2016, 04:16:36 AM

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We would like to simplify our operation by only offering service on our cPanel severs.

Currently, we offer service on the following panels
cPanel (2 servers) (CloudLinux 6)
DirectAdmin (1 server) (CentOS 5)
Plesk 11.0 (1 server) (CentOS 6)
Plesk 11.5 (2 servers) (CentOS 6)
Plesk 12.0 (1 server) (CentOS 6)

Our new offering would be just cPanel running over CloudLinux, which is what we have on the NYC server today.  This same configuration would be mirrored across all sites for consistency.

Our new offering would offer a single set of DNS servers, no matter which server your site is actually on.  This will simplify the process when starting service as well as when requesting migration to another server.  We will offer 3 or 4 DNS servers that everyone will point to.

We will offer the following locations:
NYC (via NJ or in the city itself)
AMS or LON for our EU offering
Possibly AU

The Canadian EAST server will be relocated to the NYC or NJ center for better performance for more users.  If enough users require a Canadian presence, we may continue to offer the current location, but in order to keep the prices low, we will likely migrate those users over to our NJ location.

Finally, this will be the year that we move everyone over to our WHMCS platform for billing.  We will no longer have to deal with manual payments and figuring out what server your site is located on.  We will have one WHMCS installation for all FreePgs users.

All of this is being done in an effort to keep our price at the current $10/year.


Much has happened since we wrote this message.

Our goal is still to get everyone out of Plesk and the outdated servers.

We have started working on deploying new CentOS/CloudLinux 7.x machines.


New EU2 server is now up and running and is attached to the same DNS cluster as the other cPanel servers.

There are a few items set differently with this new server as we test new functionality with cPanel (such as the MultiPHP feature instead of using the CloudLinux PHP Selector options).

If anyone would like to test this new server, please let us know by sending an email to ed at lvcs dot net.