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LAX Server Problems

Started by admin, May 20, 2015, 02:09:41 AM

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The provider we use for the LAX server is having trouble with the host node.  They are forcing us to recreate another VM on a different node without letting us move the storage over.

After a few attempts at getting another one created, they appear to have taken down the running LAX server again.

Hopefully they are able to bring it back online so we can do a proper migration from the old VM.  This provider is getting on my last nerve.


We are still working with the provider to get LAX back up.  They created a blank new VPS for us on a different node, but somehow wiped the original one out or it is not running.  Since they did this swap we don't have console access to the original one, so we can't confirm what is going on.


The original provider has started to bring the LAX server back online, however there is a storage issue currently.  We are continuing to work with them to bring this online.


The original LAX server was brought back online this evening.

In addition we have started work on LAX2 (which is running the latest version of Plesk 12.0.18).

This is to allow direct migration from the old host.

Unfortunately, the disk container was setup incorrectly on this new VM, so we will need to wait to continue.

Plesk installed well.  The new version now supports Multiple PHP versions similar to our cPanel/CloudLinux setup without the need for us to manually compile versions each time they are released, integrated Fail2Ban support, outbound mail limits (similar to what has been available in cPanel for quite some time).  If we continue to offer a Plesk solution, we may add CloudLinux to the mix to give us more flexibility, but we will try without to see how Plesk has improved.


The provider is reprovisioning the new LAX2 replacement Plesk server to get the disk container setup properly.  We will need to reinstall the updates and Plesk and license once they have done that.  I hope to have time tomorrow.

We do have a cPanel server running in the same region (but different provider).  If you would like to migrate, we should be able to migrate everything over (with some exceptions).


We are currently in the process of migrating all sites from LAX to LAX2. will be the new entry point for these customers.

Once migrated and settings are verified to have copied over, we will repoint LAX nameservers to the LAX2 addresses.

This new server allows you to choose PHP 5.6 similar to our NYC (cPanel) offering.

If this works, we may begin migration to Plesk 12.x in our first phase.  If there are problems, we will being our migration to cPanel services and using WHMCS for billing purposes since cPanel doesn't allow us to put an expiration date on a service/account.


NS1/NS2.LAX.LVCS.NET Glue Records have been updated to point to LAX2.
Please login to LAX2.LVCS.NET to make any changes to your site if you are on LAX.

If everything works out properly, we will be removing LAX from service and repointing the LAX domain to LAX2 IP.
To avoid an SSL Certificate error, please use "" when communicating with the server via SMTP/POP3/IMAP or when logging into Plesk is the new entry point.

If you are on this server and you are not using our DNS, please be sure to update the IP Address for your site to