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Still can't access my site.

Started by webzap, October 16, 2005, 12:18:08 AM

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hello after reinstatment till now i m not able to access my site..
eventhough my account exists and i was able to upload my site by ftp...
plus i changed the nameservers on my registrar (LVCS) and the status is active-public....

The weird thing is that in my access log some people were able to enter my site.
But me in italy i couldn't and still can't...
My account is "webzap"
and the domain is ""

Could anyone help or any admin check the settings in my account? maybe i need to adjust something...


The DNS records are ISP based meaning for people in different places in the world on different Internet Service Providers will take a longer or shorter time to update and redirect your site..

Its very possible for example your next door neighbor can access your site, but you won't be able to for another few hours.

You can rest assured that everyone will be able to access it in 24-38 hours. Some may have access in as little as 15 mins, others take much longer, it all depends how long before your ISP updates.

I can tell you from first hand experience that two friends of mine, one in europe and the other in the US could access my site, and I in Canada could not, shortly after in about 2 hours or so I was able to access my site.

Be patient.


lets test ur theory can you access mine right now?


Yes I can access your online dating site with a orange/white template


yeah that one..thanks man...
hope i will be able to access to it soon too :P


You can also use to see if you can access your site < this will use another ISP located in europe to access any site you wish and transfer it to you. So even though you can not view your site yet, you could use anonymouse temporarily.


thanks python for the tips...
that anonymousmouse is interesting