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Annual renewal charge on sub-domains?

Started by jazzyman, December 04, 2013, 12:20:20 PM

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My annual renewal is due in the next few weeks and I have received an email reminder.

Previously I just had to just renew my my main account and all of the sub-domains on the account were included.  However, the annual renewal email is indicating that there is now a charge $10 for each sub-domain account.

Is this correct?


If your sub-domain is on a one account then you only pay $10 for each account.


I hope you are correct.

The renewal email states that the main account is due for renewal at $10, there are also $10 payment links for each of the sub-domains of the main account.  Perhaps admin can clarify things?


You pay for each account, but Plesk will send you a link about each "subscription" because that is how they converted existing domains between older versions and the new format (Plesk 9.x and earlier).  Disk space and expiration dates can not be set on the account level anymore in Plesk, but only on subscriptions.

You just need to submit one payment for the account and we will update all of the subscriptions to the new date.