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Active Servers and NS Entries for Domains (UPDATED 16 APR 2016)

Started by admin, September 29, 2013, 02:37:23 AM

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Server:     (East US, Canada)   Panel: Plesk 11.5
  Point your domains to:,

Server:        (EU Region)    Panel: Plesk 11.5
   Point your domains to:,

Server:      (EU Region)    Panel: cPanel 60
   Point your domains to:,

Server:      (West US / Los Angeles)   Panel: cPanel 60
   Point your domains to:,

Server:        (West US / Los Angeles)    Panel: Plesk 12.0
   Point your domains to:,

Server:      (East US)   Panel: cPanel 60
   Point your domains to:,

Server:     (West US/Central US)    Panel: Plesk 11.0
    Point your domains to:,

*The following servers are being depreciated

The "EU" Plesk server will eventually be depreciated as well, but this machine is running fairly well at the current time.

cPanel servers point to our cPanel DNS cluster servers which operate in Los Angeles and New Jersey for better DNS uptime and reachability.  As we expand our cPanel offerings into other regions, we may add another DNS server somewhere in the EU.

We now have space in the 100 William St datacenter in Lower Manhattan so we may start offering more services from that location as well.

As we migrate your account to our new cPanel offering, you should also receive an account on our WHMCS installation at  From here you can manage your details, make payments, and request support.  You can also single sign-in to your cPanel account.  This change gives us a single user interface that users can interact with.  While the transition may be bumpy, things will be much easier to manage once everything is swapped over.