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New Server

Started by admin, September 25, 2013, 04:08:57 PM

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The new server is now active and is being tested with a limited number of accounts to be sure everything works correctly.

The new server is running Plesk 11.5 which allows you to select which PHP version you would like to run.  This will allow us to keep using PHP 5.2.17 for those that are using outdated scripts that will not work with 5.3 or later.  This will also allow us to run PHP 5.4.x without affecting other users that need an earlier version in the future.

Currently, we have the following versions installed.

5.2.17 (FastCGI only)
5.3.3 (default system binary, apache module or FastCGI)
5.3.27 (FastCGI only)