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LVCS and zone files[?]

Started by sven, August 16, 2013, 03:37:07 AM

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If this doesn't belong here, could someone point me to the right place? Thank you.

I have my domain ( registered with
I have it pointed at my freepgs website which is on
The nameservers are set to and

Everything works as expected.

I also have my computer at home, which I had set (years ago) to be a subdomain of
I'm pretty sure that was done through the zone file somehow[? I may be wrong here]
I just changed ISPs and wanted to point the subdomain to the new IP address of my home computer

Yet in the LVCS domain manager, when I click on the "DNS Zone File" tab, I get a message "The zone file is unavailable because the domain's set nameservers do not belong to this registrar."

This has me confused. If LVCS doesn't own ns[12], then who does?

I have for now set up subdomain forwarding to my new IP address, though I suspect that the nameservers are never going to see that subdomain since the zone file already points at the old (no longer valid) IP address.

I am strongly suspecting that I'm just doing something stupid. DNS is ... if not black magic, so at least somewhat confusing to me.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this (or pointer to a different person I should be asking). ???
"Everything is futile!"
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If the domains are pointed to the Plesk nameservers, you must make the changes in Plesk.

From the error message, you are trying to change DNS records via the registrar and your domain is not pointed to those nameservers.

In Plesk, click the Websites and Domains tab, then "DNS Settings" to make the required changes.

In the future, please email plesk at lvcs dot net for assistance.  This forum doesn't get much traffic.


Ah, indeed - that worked. Plesk just has me confused. I thought it was just for website management - I didn't realize it reaches as far down as DNS.

(I can see why there's not much traffic here - I come here once a year on average because your stuff usually "just works" for years at a time. I keep recommending LVCS to friends for its utter painlessnes...)
"Everything is futile!"
    -- Marvin of Borg