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Started by admin, December 08, 2011, 03:35:59 PM

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A few of our customers have SSL sites on the Plesk shared hosting servers.  Only Plesk 10.2 or higher allows SSL certificates to be used on a shared IP.  (This also requires newer browsers and non-XP client operating systems to view).

In the past, we have allowed SSL sites for our customers when requested with no additional fees.  To keep costs low, we will now require customers that requested dedicated/exclusive IPs to pay $12 per year per additional IP address assigned to them.  That way, the customers that are using the dedicated/exclusive IP resources are the ones paying for them.

If you do not have any SSL (secure) sites on your account, there will be no additional charges.  This only applies to those that have additional IP addresses listed on their account.

Speedline Z

wait... we have an option to get a dedicated ip and ssl certs that don't come up as, causing browsers to get mad?

I haven't really set anything up that needs ssl, though i have a couple domains that have a couple pages in the httpsdocs directory.

This is nice to know for the future, and well worth the $12 a year


Our newest machines now support SNI.  This allows you to host SSL with your own certificate without the need for a dedicated IP, thus saving you the $12.

If you still need a dedicated IP for compatibility reasons, we can still offer it, but in most cases, it will not be needed.