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Plesk4 Server Replacement Options

Started by admin, September 01, 2011, 02:42:25 PM

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We are considering replacing the aging Plesk4 server.

Please post to this topic if you would like to see cPanel over Plesk (or something like DirectAdmin).

We will not be housing another server at the current center where Plesk4 is located since the performance is so poor at times from certain regions.

Also, if you are located in the East to Central US, Canada, or anywhere in Europe, you can request to have your account migrated to Plesk5 or Plesk6 for improved performance.  For users in Asia, the Plesk4 server was typically the fastest, so we are looking to house a server on the West Coast USA to offer similar performance.

For users looking to find a closer server, please ping the following hostnames and tell us which times are lowest.

Control Panels:

Thank you, Admin


Would I lose my 91MB of stored data if I changed servers?