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Annual Fee POLL - Please vote.

Started by admin, August 31, 2011, 05:41:58 PM

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$10 sounds fair to me too. I'm fine with payment based on active domain also. how about $2 per domain + surcharge for higher traffic volume?


Yes, that would be a fair approach.

We may do something similar, or at least different rates based on the number of domains (1-3, 4-9, etc).


Quote from: admin on September 01, 2011, 03:45:41 AM
Yes, that would be a fair approach.

We may do something similar, or at least different rates based on the number of domains (1-3, 4-9, etc).

I'd be quite content with this approach (or a similar tiered structure), as I only use my site very little, and at $10 it begins approaching not-worth-it territory for me.




$10 sounds like it's still a deal to me.


$10 still is a great deal!  Thanks for continuing to support us and our sites!


I don't think that the old freepgs hosting ever had free ads.  It was just a one off payment.

Perhaps an option would be to offer a reduced annual fee if for example pre-paying a number of years in advance, may be something to consider.


Having been with the service for nearly a decade now, when it was free, even before the fire, I know that it's never going to get any cheaper. As little as I use it now (since I'm not all that fond of Plesk), $10/yr starts to get towards the end of what I'd like to pay. If I was using the site a lot, then it would be an incredible bargain. But for two or three static domain pages, it begins to be a luxury. I would grudgingly go along with $10, since I'm too lazy to move the domains, but if it goes up again, I'd have to seriously reconsider it.


Thank you for the input.  It is for this reason we are considering a tiered approach.

We originally had no ads, but prior to there being a setup fee, we used to have an account type called "Linked" that the user was required to place either a text ad on their site or our banner ad.


I am good with $10 also. I really like your services.


$10 a year sounds about right. Although in my experience, FreePgs has always had issues with uptime. I'd always figured that had something to do with the old "one-time fee" model, and the $3 annual charge seemed like an extension of that to keep the service on life support. Is this just a reaction to increased costs, or can we hope for at least a little bit of improvement?


The uncapped bandwidth, generous space allocation and low fees were what attracted me in the first place. If the service were tiered, this would certainly change my outlook on the service.


I'd be pretty fine with $10, tiered does not sound attractive to me.


$10 per year is a fair amount
&/or I would be willing to pay a tiered amount based on usage

$10 per year would still very good for what we get and if that is still is not enough to cover all the costs I would be happy to pay based on usage. To be honest the $3 a year was ridiculously cheap.