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Annual Fee POLL - Please vote.

Started by admin, August 31, 2011, 05:41:58 PM

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We will be increasing our annual fee for account renewal starting next year to cover more of the costs to provide this hosting.

Currently, less than 1/6 of the cost of providing this service is being obtained from the annual fees.

The fees were kept low since the service was originally a free provider.  We wanted to keep a cheap option available to users, but we are no longer to continue paying for this service as we are now.

It is possible we could also have different annual fees based on the number of active domains, or based on traffic (at levels), or some other factor, that way those that hardly use their account will not be paying as much as others that have a large number of domains or high traffic sites running.

Please respond with any ideas and/or to express your feelings about this matter.

Thank you, Admin


10usd a year is no more than fair. Payment on usage is also fair.
Hoewever, I have paid up front until 2015, what will happen in this case?


You will continue to be paid to 2015.  This will only affect future payments.


How was this being funded previously?


It was originally funded by ads.  Since that stopped it has been funded by me personally, a few donations, the $3 fees, and the upgrades that were done.


Thank you for the years of fun and good service

I personally have tried many times to make money and so send money to the owner of this amazing service but find i am crap at it should i make some i will remember who hosted all my rubbish while i tried for years and Many thanks goes to you the hosting king.

Apart from the spam email lol



Quote from: admin on August 31, 2011, 07:25:14 PM
It was originally funded by ads.  Since that stopped it has been funded by me personally, a few donations, the $3 fees, and the upgrades that were done.

Why can't you go back to the old model? What was wrong with it to start with?


Because we don't offer a free service with ads anymore.

Having users placing our ad on their sites didn't work out very well, as adsense terminated our account a few years ago because of content of some of the sites or the fact they showed up on error pages, etc.


If they question is why we don't offer a free service, it was because of the constant RIAA notices, fraudulent phishing sites being created, problem scripts, and other undesirable content that gets uploaded.


$10 seems reasonable.  I hardly get any traffic or try and promote my site but, I do use the space for personal or community reasons. Thank for this service it has been very usefull.


$10 seems reasonable to me.

Would there be any changes to the storage upgrade fees? Typically I have just gone for the $15 1GB upgrade + 1 year renewal whenever it is time to renew.


There are no plans to change the storage upgrade fees at this time.


I will say this, if I can get on my feet with several projects that I am working on (and yes, it's a long shot that I'll hit it big) I will defintely throw some cash your way.

your service has been a part of my life for a long time and I appreciate the fact that you are still around.

IF you have a specific link that you want promoted with a particular saying let me know, I often make comments on various bogs etc, I don't mind spreading the word.

I'm not a big fan of facebook, and don't hardly use it, but there's 750,000 that do; it wouldn't hurt to twitter and facebook your services to try and drum up some new business.



I agree to pay more, but only if the service is getting better (or will get), which I think it will, so yes, and thanks.

It makes sense,