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Started by passtheword, March 21, 2011, 06:24:33 PM

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Is there any way I can revert back to the cpanel from before? This new version is confusing and it's very difficult to navigate. I have tried adding a domain in my acct, and for whatever reason, it winds up getting added under another existing domain in my acct, rather than just adding it as a "standalone" domain. I have 5 domains in my acct. The last one makes six, and I received an email after I added the domain stating that I'm "over the limit". I have another acct which I use separately and only has one domain in it, and it won't let me add any domains at all in there, either.


You should be able to add the domains now (many of the accounts are being manually adjusted due to this lovely "upgrade" of the panel.

Each domain will now go "under" an existing domain, as that is how they have built the new panel.  All domains are now under one common directory structure per subscription (of course existing domains were each setup as their own subscription).

We can do one of the following for you.  Please email plesk at lvcs dot net with the way you wish to proceed since we do not visit the forum very often.

1) We can setup another subscription so you can create your domain separately
2) You can setup the domain under an existing domain, the FTP account created will only have access to their domain files
3) We can create an account for you on the Plesk6 system which is still running Plesk version 9.5, but we cannot migrate the account automatically.

Thank you, Admin