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Plesk4 Server Non-Functional

Started by admin, April 26, 2011, 01:31:58 PM

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The Plesk4 server is currently non-functional.  We are awaiting the actual status from the company that provides service to this particular server and will post here when more information is available.

If you have backups of your sites, we can create your account on another server.

If you do not have backups, you will need to wait until we find out more information about the problem until your site is restored to operation.


thanks for update, I have an old backup, I just wonder what will be the expected time for server to restore?
if this takes days, I wish to have a temp account on another server to show a temp page! thanks a lot! ;)


The time would depend on what is wrong with the machine.  They may take 12-24 hours just to respond, so it may be a good idea to setup an account on a different machine and have you upload your data (or something) to the site.

Please email plesk at lvcs dot net with your username, FreePgs account id (if known) or password, and we will get another account created for you.

Thank you, Admin


thanks for creating an account for me on plesk6. You are so nice and so fast!!!! :D


No problem.

The nameservers for sites hosted on Plesk6 are PLSK6A.LVCS.NET, PLSK6B.LVCS.NET


The only status update so far is that this is "being investigated".  No further information could be provided by the representative at this time.


Thank you for keeping us updated and informed!


Here is what is being said at this point:

Jeff J. - Server Concierge:  It appears that your server needed a FSCK run in order to bring the server back online. This scan is still running..


Jeff J. - Server Concierge:  I called our Data Center to get an update. They said it was almost done. We should be emailing you shortly once the fsck has completed.


The server is responding to pings again.

I will check to see that all services are starting as expected.