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Plesk5 Plesk Panel Upgraded

Started by admin, January 31, 2011, 03:53:38 AM

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The Plesk5 server has been updated to Plesk 10.1

Please report any problems using the "Help Desk" link (if there is still such a thing).  There are some additional changes to make in order to migrate the accounts over to the new methods.

Speedline Z

while i like some of the new features.... i think the layout is horrible, and i can't find a help desk anymore, nor does it come up in search...

should we use email now for support?


Yes, you will have to.  They seemed to have done away with the built in help desk feature.

There is a link to install the help desk, but it refers to installing osTicket.  The only reason we used the help desk was so we knew the user authenticated when asking for files to be changed, etc.

Unless osTicket integrates tightly with Plesk, this will no longer be possible.

I agree, the interface is lacking.  It is closer to the way DirectAdmin works, but not even as easy to use.

The interface is even worse on the admin side, now we have to click "Open Control Panel" to even change the settings, prior to that, we had the options right there when loading a customer.

The "Plans" feature is nice, something they should have had from the start, but they still do not even have a "comments" field for a customer, something many of the other panels do have.

Speedline Z

looks like webusers is no longer in this version as well... i probably would have not noticed, but when i went to delete things i haven't used in years, there are no options... nor can ftp nor file manager wipe them...


What was the webuser called before?  It was probably migrated into something, either an additional FTP user or something else under the subscription and/or domain.


Yes, the webusers were moved into the "FTP Access" button.

This under the "Websites & Domains" tab.  Be sure you select the correct subscription at the top first.

I see one web users listed under one of the domains I looked at in your account.

You can also access the "Web Users" section by clicking the link that says "Show Advanced Options" on the Websites & Domains tab.
Web Users will be an option in that box that shows up.

Thank you, Admin

Speedline Z

--This is with the subscription
i dont seem to have any of those options

i also noticed that my newer (created within the last 2 years) domains now have a site builder tab, while the older domains (such as this one) do not..


These options are available when I login, so there must be some issues with this version or some permissions that can be changed in the panel.

We are updating the panel to 10.1.1 from 10.1.0.

If you still cannot see the options, please let me know, so we can look into it further.


As far as SiteBuilder, it may just be enabled on some domains and not others.

In the past, this used to be a separate product, but now I believe it is included.


I have updated the permissions of this domain, you should at least see the FTP icon on the Websites & Domains tab for this domain.


I don't see anymore the page where we can check if when our accounts will expire for the annual fee...

Speedline Z

Quote from: admin on February 05, 2011, 05:18:37 AM
I have updated the permissions of this domain, you should at least see the FTP icon on the Websites & Domains tab for this domain.
yep on that one domain i now have access, thank you... as of now i should be good with FTP on all the other domains as well i have no plans for anymore "web user" accounts in the future.  So i should be good for the time being...


As far as the expiration, I am still trying to work that one out.  It seems that the overall account cannot expire anymore, only each of its subscriptions.  Since the upgrade moved each domain into its own subscription, each of these would have its own expiration date.

Hopefully a future update will address this issue.

This same issue also occurs over disk space, in 9.5 we could set disk space for the entire account then set the domains to unlimited.  In this version, each "subscription" has to have disk space defined, but it cannot be defined on the account.  I am not sure why they made such a drastic change to the way accounts and domains work, but they did.