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Should the service continue?

Started by admin, December 22, 2010, 10:06:37 PM

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I will always renew! Voting here is hard though, I don't really check these forums.


Yes, I will renew! Your service has always been excellent.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive a reminder e-mail and have forgotten to pay this year. Sorry about that. How do I make up for the belated fees? My username's the same as this one, milkywaylynx.

Edit: Never mind, I've found the links. Renewed for three years :)


Hey, I don't check these forums very often (once very 5 months maybe!) but I've loved the services for years now, would be really disappointed to see it go.

In saying that, I tried to log in yesterday and it says my account has been suspended, is this because I haven't paid?? How do I pay? My username is the same as here (sasurfers)


Yes, typically the reason for suspension is the unpaid fee.

If you cannot login to plesk and are still having this problem please email plesk at lvcs dot net for assistance.

Thank you, Admin


I will be renewing absolutely. How do I renew?


YES, Please renew!

I'm thinking to upgrade my plan, and moved most of my site here.
I've come across some hosting server, and Freepgs is one of the best and cheapest around.

I just found out I can renew more than 1 year, I thought it was suppose to be annual only.. silly me
good things I already paid from the last billing reminder.


For the users asking how to renew, you submit payment via http;//

You should receive a reminder via Plesk 30 days before expiration.  Be sure you have the correct email address entered into your account in Plesk so you receive this notification.

Thank you, Admin