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BerkelyDB Gone???

Started by Speedline Z, October 12, 2010, 09:52:23 PM

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Speedline Z

My db driven site will no longer load because of the following error

Query failed: Unknown table engine 'BerkeleyDB_0'

most of my tables use BerkeleyDB... am i going to have to change them all over to MyISAM or will BDB come back?


BDB is no longer supported as of MySQL 5.1.x

This would have been caused by the ugprade to MySQL 5.1.x that occurred over the last few months on all most machines.

The only host that still has MySQL 5.0.x is the located on the west coast USA.  If you want to see if your pages work correctly on this server, please let us know.

Use the "Help Desk" link within Plesk and include a username and password if you wish to use this server.  (The server runs DirectAdmin, a different control panel software, so we cannot simply migrate the account over)

We may also be able to migrate you over to Plesk4, which still runs an older version of Plesk, and possibly the older MySQL binary that still supported BDB.

If you can change them to MyISAM or InnoDB, you will need to as BDB is not coming back.  (It is not supported by MySQL 5.1.x -- we are running 5.1.50 on Plesk5 and Plesk6 machines.)

Speedline Z

well i can change them to MyISAM or InnoDB, however, phpMyAdmin is not allowing me to change them stating

QuoteALTER TABLE `sln_awards`  ENGINE =  MYISAM

MySQL said: Documentation
#1286 - Unknown table engine 'BerkeleyDB_0'

Speedline Z

i was thinking... would it be possible for me to backup my db, load it on a mysql server that supports bdb, convert the tables, back the new db up, and restore to my plesk5 account's db?