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not getting email..again

Started by passtheword, January 27, 2009, 09:51:58 PM

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Does anyone know what is up with the email? I'm having some of my email forwarded to another email account, and others which actually have a mailbox. I haven't received any email since early this morning, so I sent several test emails out, and only two of them showed up (one of those took nearly 15 mins to show up). I can understand the email going down from time to time, but this problem is happening now 2 or 3 times a wk, where my email just stops working for several hours at a time, and then when it resumes, of course, all the mail sent during that time is lost.


I'm still having problems with email. The email accounts which just have a mailbox are working fine, but the accounts which use a redirect are still not working. I even tried changing the forwarding email address to see if those emails were being blocked, but I sent more test emails, and the email is still not redirecting.


What server is your account located on?

We just updated to the new Plesk 9 release (with bug fixes) on the Plesk2 server ( URL)

They finally have the ticket notification working.  If your site is on this server, you may see if you still have the issue.  If your site is on a different server, please provide the URL you use to login to your Plesk account.

Thank you, Admin