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enquiry related to annual fee

Started by raymond, January 02, 2009, 05:22:04 PM

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You can submit payment by following this link

what should i fill in the Server Name?

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the server your account is hosted on, either plesk,plesk2,plesk3 or plesk4. To figure out which one it is, look at the url of the site you access to modify your pages ex. ( Hope that helps.

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Yes, if you use that URL to login to Plesk, you would type "Plesk4" for the Server Name on the form.

Thank you, Admin


Oh no!!
I didn't know what my server was either... I assumed it was just Plesk, so I input that to the annual maintenance fee.
Did the payment still go through? Can I get my money back and do it again as Plesk2?

Also, after I paid, I received another email today (the one they've sent every day this month), so I'm guessing they didn't get my payment. How can I re-do this??  :( :(


Your account shows the payment.  It is possible that the payment posted after Plesk sent the messages again.

Plesk and Plesk2 are the same machine.

Plesk 9.0 (that runs on the machine your account is hosted on) seems to have a bug in sending these emails.  The other servers only send this notification once as it should, but Plesk 9.0 sends the message every day.  Hopefully they will correct this issue in one of the updates to the control panel software.

If you continue to receive these emails, please let us know.

Thank you, Admin


Oh, phew, that's a relief.

I did not receive the e-mail today, so I think that all is well.

Thank you very much.