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annual maintenance fee payment problem

Started by jazzyman, December 12, 2008, 01:00:32 PM

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I just completed the annual maintenance payment through the link that you provided on another thread. I used the paypal payment option, but there was no option to enter any of my account information? So I guess you have received the payment and do not know what it's for?

I emailed the paypal email address that the payment was sent to but it's an automated service that seems to be run by another company.

What should I do?


There is a place to type info in paypal. If choosed service/other type of payment. Then in the bottom part of page are places like subject etc. I think you've to write to admin :>


I am pretty sure that there was no extra information box to fill out on the paypal checkout. It's a different format than the usual paypal process, probably because the site is an authorized reseller business?

I have contacted lvcs support, so now awaiting a response.