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how can i pay for **Annual Maintenance Fee**

Started by namhuy, June 03, 2008, 06:04:23 AM

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I just wonder how can i pay for that? Can i pay for 2 years or something. And 1 more thing, can i upgrade my hosting plan? Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


We will be providing more information in the future.


Upgrades can be requested an paid for by sending a PayPal payment to pp at lvcs dot net
Include the server name and your username in the request
Use the subject of "PLESK UPGRADE"

Additional Space

1GB  $15.00
2GB  $25.00
5GB  $50.00

These are one time payments.

Account upgrades will extend your expiration date by one year.

Maintenance Fee

You can pay your annual maintenance fee by submitting a PayPal payment to pp at lvcs dot net
Include your server name and account name.
Use the subject of "ANNUAL MAINTENANCE FEE"

You will need to pay $3 for each year you wish to add to your account.

Thank you, Admin


how can i know which server my account is on? Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


You can use the URL you use to login to the system to determine what system your account is hosted on. == Plesk2 == Plesk3 == Plesk4

Or, you can use the nameservers your domain is pointed to


Thank you, Admin


is there any different on each server? how long will freepgs keep the cheap hosting service? Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


No, the users are just spread over these three servers.

We plan to keep the hosting running as long as possible.

The annual maintenance fees will pay most of the fees associated with hosting these machines.

Currently, I am paying the $450 monthly charges out of my pocket to run this service.  (Includes hosting of the three machines and Plesk license lease)

Thank you, Admin


wow you got 2 years out of me :) payment to follow.


do you accept another type of payment? i dont use paypal. Do you get cheque (check)? Geeky Open Source Linux Tutorials


How can I set up the auto payment thingie?  Thanks!


I have setup 2CO links for users that do not wish to use PayPal or wish to setup recurring billing.

One Time Payment - You can adjust the quantity for number of years

Recurring Payment - This will be billed automatically each year

Of course, you do not need to have a PayPal account to submit a payment to use.  However, if PayPal is not available in your country, you will need to use the links above.

Be sure to use the "Help Desk" link in the Plesk panel to inform us of the Payment if the 2CO system does not allow you to enter any custom text.  (Include the order number in the message).


Question:  I set this up but how do you know what account to apply the payment to?  Do you look it up by name...because I saw no other way to let you know what account it was for.


The original instructions stated to use the Help Desk link within Plesk to provide the transaction ID to us and tell us what account to apply it to.
If you are using Plesk5, there will be no such link, so you can email plesk at lvcs dot net.