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That dreaded disk space limit thing again

Started by sven, June 01, 2008, 06:05:54 PM

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So I just got that email again that I exceeded my disk space limit. I've learned from the last time so I checked "report" and indeed it says Disk space used by Log files and statistical reports   2.15 GB. OK, so I go to the log manager and it tells me that the largest log file of mine by far is "access_log.processed.1.gz" which is 131MB. There's a smattering of other things that cannot possibly add to another 100MB -- nothing anywhere near 2GB.

So I'm stumped again. I don't even know where to look for the webalizer output (i.e. the files - so I can check for the size they consume; I know how to access the output), but I've been running webalizer for years elseweb and its total collected space use is maybe 5MB, so this can't really be consume 2GB of space either.

So I'm stumped again what to do to get my disk usage within the limits.

Now webalizer here is hardwired not to collect/display leaf-statistics, which is the only reason I would want it to begin with; so for all I care I could just switch the damn thing off and get rid of these "log files and statistical reports" entirely, but I can't even find where to do that.

If it is even possible.

The main part of my frustration stems from the fact that this systems is making it very hard to be a good neighbor and clean up after myself and make sure I'm not stepping on anybodies toes. I'm really trying to do the right thing here, and one would think it would be in everybody's interest to make this task as easy for me as possible; not as byzantine and labyrinthine as possible.

So - any help out there? (and sorry for the ranting...)
"Everything is futile!"
    -- Marvin of Borg


Plesk was recently upgraded to the latest release.

If you receive this message again tomorrow, please let us know and we will exclude the log files from the disk quota count.

Thank you, Admin