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Started by chrisharrod, May 04, 2008, 02:40:46 PM

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I'm not exactly sure how I'm currently setup for the DNS's. I want to use the nameservers as in the frustrated thread, but currently my registrar settings are as follows;

All entries for name servers are blank,

In manage DNS settings;
@ A

MX records; pri. 10 pri. 20

In plesk, the settings are as follows;

I have no idea what any of these settings should be. It works currently (bodgey bodgey) but i want to add the backup DNS...


If you want to use your registrar's mail service, you will need to enter their MX records.

First, remove the MX record that points to
Next, click "Add New Record"
Select "MX" in Record Type
Leave the first field blank
Enter "" in the "Mail Exchanger"
Select "10" in "Priority"
Click "OK"

Follow the steps again to add "" but select "20" for priority on that entry.

Next, disable the mail service in Plesk, by clicking your domain, clicking "Mail" under the services section, then clicking the "Switch Off" button.

Of course, if you are not using the Plesk server for DNS, the DNS records in Plesk will not make a difference as they are not being queried by outside users.  In either case, disable the mail service (outlined above) if you are not using it (on the Plesk server).

If you are not using the Plesk nameservers, you can also disable the DNS portion of your account.  Only do this if your domain is NOT pointed to, via your registrar.  You disable Plesk DNS by clicking the "DNS Settings" (in the services section) button and clicking "Switch Off the DNS Service".

---In other words---

You will either use your registrar's DNS servers (if you manage the records there) -OR- the Plesk nameservers.

If using the Plesk nameservers, use the "Help Desk" link within Plesk to request us to add your domain to the external server and add an NS record to your zonefile.

You will need to change the "Nameservers" for your domain via your registrar if you wish to use the Plesk nameservers.  Do not attempt to manage the DNS records via your registrar as this will cause your domain to point to their nameservers instead.

Thank you, Admin


I am using the plesk mail service at the moment :) My registrar's service is pitiful.

What I want is for the DNS's to have the backup :D Currently I don't know if I'm pointing at the registrar's servers or the plesk ones. I'm guessing plesk, since my site died when the plesk DNS's did, but I could still access the FTP via IP. I included the MX settings becuase i didn't know what they were. If they are mail, I will ignore them as the is heading to Plesk as I want them to.

Basically I want to use;


But don't know where and what to change to achieve that.


You need to change the nameservers via your registrar.  Once you make the change, use the "Help Desk" link within Plesk to request  the domain to be added to the secondary nameserver.

Your domain is pointed to the Plesk nameservers.

Thank you, Admin