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Plesk Question: howto file indexing (file listing)

Started by sirmikey, April 19, 2008, 09:36:36 PM

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How can I get a file indexing (listing) from certain folders?
It's weird, will give me a listing, but
nothing else will.   chmod ??????????????????????



If you want a file listing, you need to create an .htaccess file in your "httpdocs" directory or the directory you wish to view listings for.

It should contain the following text

Options +Indexes

This has been provided on the forum before.

Thank you, Admin


  Thanks very much.  I'm guessing that I can't specify specific folders to
index, and so I will have to place an index.htm. redirect in the private folders
Many Thanks,


If you place the .htaccess file in the "httpdocs" folder, every folder will be indexed.

If you place the .htaccess file in the specific folder you wish to index, only that folder will be indexed (repeat for each folder you want indexed)

If you want to index all but a few folders, you can place the .htaccess file in the "httpdocs" directory then use "Options -Indexes" as an .htaccess file in the folders you do not want to have an index generated for.

Thank you, Admin