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Started by rbusy, March 26, 2008, 05:52:45 AM

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I have done all the required steps from migration to the add a new domain. However, my site remains unaccessible.  Can someone access my folder and see if I'm missing anything?

account: rbizzy

Thank you


How is it not accessible? I went to this link:
And the server default page is there, which means everything has been created (I think). All you have to do is access the ftp and upload your files to HTTPDOCS and you should be able to access them via HTTP with the link I used above.


ftp and upload your files to HTTPDOCS

I'm currently using CuteFtp Pro and everytime I upload something it uploads it to the freepgs server not my plesk server.  How can I set CuteFtp to upload directly into my HTTPDOCS folder?


You'll need to set the FTP Server to or depending on which server you're on. Then your same username and password should work. You'll get a directory listing that includes httpdocs, you'll just double click to open that up and upload your files inside of that directory.


The proper hostname to use was provided in your welcome email.

It is either

It is the same as the first part of the Plesk URL you use to access the Plesk control panel.

Thank you, Admin


Ok, I've accessed my HTTPDOCS with FTP, uploaded all my files but I still can't view my site using the following link:

I've waited for 15 minutes as mentioned in thread that it usually takes about 15 minutes for the changes to be seen.  So what did I miss?  can the admin access my account and see if I 've set the domain correctly because I'm sure I did.


The site resolves fine for me.

The text that appears is what is in your account.  (The default "index.html" field)

If you wish to have different text appear, remove the default index.html file and upload your own index file.

Thank you, Admin