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logging in?

Started by ressikan, March 23, 2008, 07:46:42 PM

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I had to reformat the hard drive on my machine and now i can't log into my account on the plesk. I can't remember my password. When I try to reset the password it asks for an email address. When I type mine in I get an error. When I try any of the other options for retrieving login information it asks me for something I either don't have or it says doesn't exist (for example, my email address).

Is there any other way to retrieve my log on information? Am I going to have to end up calling support on the phone?



Please email plesk (at) lvcs (dot) net for assistance with this.
Please provide the URL you are trying to login with.

(You can also use the FreePgs contact form to reqest this information if you can login -OR- PM me the URL, username, domain, and email address and we can reset the password)

Phone support is not provided.

Thank you, Admin


Also, if your forum username is your account username (ressikan) be sure you are logging in via

Thank you, Admin