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Problem on Plesk + SMF

Started by noob4ever, March 08, 2008, 07:01:24 PM

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i installed joomla... and than i changed my mind and i wanted to erase it..
but apparently i cant erase it ???

550 .htaccess: Permission denied
CWD /httpdocs/administrator/components/com_extplorer
250 CWD command successful
RMD config
550 config: Permission denied

and than i cant send emails from my SMF forum..
it gives me an error;sa=mailingsend
Unable to send mail to the email address '"

i changed it to PHP Default..
i wanna try SMTP..
but where is SMTP on the plesk ???


We have updated your file ownership as per your Support request.

The mail function is disabled by default.  The mail function has now been enabled on your account as per your Support request.  You will need to have your script set to use the mail function not SMTP.  (The SMTP server is simply "localhost")

Thank you, Admin


how do i "update ownership"

im trying to override a file and it says permission denied


We updated the file ownership as per your request.

If you have chmod'd files to a state you cannot access, you may be able to work with the files using the "File Manager" within the Plesk interface or request us to chmod the files for you.

Any files that are uploaded/created by scripts will not have the proper ownership information.  As always, you can request that we update the ownership information for you --or-- you can manage script-created files via another script.

Thank you, Admin


may i have   /forum/templates/ all files there???
im editing a theme.. and its hard when u cannot override ur files..

or do i have to create a support ticket thru lvcs plesk?


Your files have been chown'd.  (The files would have been able to be overwritten by the script but not via FTP.  (Now you will need to update them via FTP and not via the script)).