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Very confused by Plesk migration.

Started by penguins, February 16, 2008, 07:26:24 PM

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So I used to know a thing or two about webhosting - or at least I thought I did. After years of sitting contently on my Freepgs server, I've become complacent and this migration has me totally overwhelmed. Bear with my questions.

First - what does it mean when people talk about pointing to Plesk? Are we going to keep our subdomains forever with the difference of using the new Plesk system? I thought we'd get something like

Also - how in the heck do you login to FTP? I tried "" with my Plesk login details, but it kept giving me an error. Arrgh.

And are we LVCS members or members? I called into LVCS support today trying to figure things out and they told me I was not even in their database, and kept asking me for a credit card number. I just told them I was migrating from, and finally they told me to do a support ticket.

Last but not least, I'm juggling the tasks of pointing my new domain "" to Plesk as well as my current domain tied with "". So far I've changed the nameservers on "", but I don't even know what to do next, or where the 'actual site' is.

Sorry if I'm not making as much sense as I should, but I feel a little left in the dark here by Freepgs. This migration process is too complicated for its own good; advanced users might not have trouble but for us n00bish users who were happy with their plucky little Freepgs system, this migration is like picking us up and chucking us into cold water.


First of all, you should request to migrate your account over Plesk via the contact form at FreePgs CP.

After the admin or any staff migrated your account over Plesk, then thats the time you request for your FreePgs subdomain to your Plesk account.

Please read the Migration FAQ's for more info: