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Started by noob4ever, January 22, 2008, 07:26:27 PM

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ok... #1...

i have 3 accounts with freepgs.

domains are

and they are all under ONE email..  i have requested for two of the accounts... is it ok ?

Q.. #2...

this is for admin... on the account

the user and the url are different.. this is from when you guys changed it and i couldnt have the same infos..
i forgot my user.. i know its something with a word+number..  if i get the user i can login..
can i request a user and pass to my email ?

and if we migrate to plesk.. we wont get charged right ?


1) Yes, that will be fine.

2) Answered via PM

There will be no monthly fees to move to the Plesk system.

Thank you, Admin