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Massive amount of spam

Started by spanspace, September 12, 2007, 12:20:29 PM

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Anyone else with a domain linked to their account hit with a massive amount of spam recently? I had more then 300 e-mails claiming to be undelivered in my mail box today for my domain. I checked all the pages and there it no rogue code in there.


Admins? The spam is weird that I am getting its showing my domain name but the email it shows doesnt exist. Its so random.


I run a domain off of FreePgs, so I'll check about the spam now.

Edit: Doesn't seem to be any spam sent.. could be just someone spamming your mail.

If you have access to your mail settings, you could set up an account of that email, and have it set up to automatically delete them.


Yep I killed all emails associated with my domain as I dont use them.