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Plesk = No More Admin Support?

Started by Prosis, August 03, 2007, 05:47:28 PM

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Ever since I've switched to the Plesk server, I write the admin and never get a response.  Is it because I'm not supposed to communicate with the freepgs admin?

I'm asking because before the switch, when I wrote the admin through the contact form, I got a response in the same day or the next day.  Not I just never do anymore.

Thank You


You can still use the Contact Form if you desire.  You can also still email the admin address.

(Be sure if you have pointed your domain to the Plesk nameservers, that you have setup email accounts within the Plesk system and are checking those accounts if you are attempting to use an account at your domain name)

Thank you, Admin


Thanks for your reply.

But I've already done those things three weeks ago and I never get answered by the admin.  But I am able to get emails from other people.