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phpbb2 forum errors

Started by dragonqueen, July 22, 2007, 10:08:12 PM

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I already posted about this at the phpbb forum but I thought I'd try here too. None of my members can access their profiles. I can't access them through the admin panel either. That also means I can't activate new members. I have already tried accessing them through the backup files the admin here made me, but I still get the same ol' blank page with only the forum header. I'm not getting any error messages. Could it have anything to do with the database? ???


Were you using a custom phpbb2 template, or the default one?



If you were using the mysql5 server for your database, it's been damaged, and possibly will not have data restored. See the message on the freepgs login screen.


My stuff was moved to the localhost server. I have everything fixed. I found some left over codes from a script I had uninstalled. Thanks for trying to help. I was so worried I would have to reload the entire forum and lose everything. It's all good now though!  ;D