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Switching to a New Domain name on the Plesk server

Started by Speedline Z, July 21, 2007, 07:23:55 AM

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Speedline Z

my three year ".tk" domain registration is coming to an end this January, so ive registered a ".org" domain.

My account was migrated to the plesk server after the data-center fire a couple years back, how do i add the ".org" domain name?? ... and in January how will i delete the ".tk" domain name... 

I'm going from to ... but i want to keep active until january giving people time to migrate over to the new name.



Can you not point your .tk domain to forward to jbodysource?

Speedline Z

what do i do when the registration runs out.. i have a paid domain on .tk so it uses name servers... its not a redirect.

I'll rephrase the question...

i have two accounts.

on my one account that uses to log in, i can send an add domain request in

but on the other account that is on the plesk server the Add Domain button is greyed out and inaccessable


Send a contact form asking for the domain to be added, then point the domain to Freepgs' nameservers.


We can change the primary domain to the .org and setup the .tk as an aliased domain.  (This way when the tk domain quits working, we only need to remove the alias from your account)

Please use the Contact Form to request this.  Be sure to mention you are on the Plesk server.  (If you cannot use the contact form, you may PM me)

Thank you, Admin