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question regarding about domains

Started by synic, July 25, 2007, 09:38:22 AM

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i recently transfered my domain, everything is uploaded and it shows up for that domain, back then i had a different host, usually i see the the "" folder in the ftp and thats where i load all my files for that domain...but this freepgs, it doesnt have that, i was thinking about gettng a 2nd domain but i dont know how its going to work out, can somebody explain to me how its going to work w/ the 2nd domain if it doesnt have the "" root folder after transfer...let me know soon thanks!


You're going to have to use an .htaccess at the root of your server and have different folders for each site.  Apache will do the rest.  You have to contact the freepgs admin to add the domain to your account and update the name servers of your domains.  Then once all of this is done, you write an .htaccess which will redirect every domain to the right folder and the users will not see the difference.  I've done it with three different websites in the past.