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PHP scripts calling files from other servers

Started by bigbighuge, May 29, 2007, 10:02:09 AM

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I have a PHP script that pulls a text document of my counter-strike server via FTP that contains all the ranks of the players on the server (its about 100kb) it basically says, user blah blah has blah blah points, and the script displays it in a pretty way, anyway, this script works on a number of over servers but not freepgs, without any changes, I was wondering if this kind of thing is blocked on freepgs and whether I will need to just put this stuff on another server...


You should try using the PHP CURL functions if you're not already.


I don't actually know that much about php, I have no idea what a curl is, LOL

I am just using a script provided by a community group that released it to view the stats of a game server...