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Windows Live™ Custom Domains E-mail servise

Started by r03in, May 19, 2007, 08:14:46 PM

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I'm trying to use Windows Live™ Custom Domains E-mail service and I'm having a little trouble configering it.
How do I....

Change or add an MX Record

Step 1 (Required): Change or add an MX Record (Mail Exchange Record)

Step 2 (Required): Delete all other MX Records that are not set to the value above.

Step 3 (Recommended): Add a SenderID which is a TXT Record (Text Record)

tnx :)


Use the contact form to request that the MX records be added to your domain if you're using freepgs nameservers. If you're not, then you should use your domain registrar's site (the company you registered your domain with).



I tried Windows Live and much prefered the google system which I am using now, they give you email, a jabber IM server and online document storage and shared calendar that I think is better than exchange :-) and I can access a low-bandwidth ultra fast version via my mobile phone. I highly recommend it as its faster and you get more users (for example I can setup 700 accounts with 2 gig each) when I did windows live it was 10 accounts with 50 meg each... doesn't compare :-)

I sound like a fanboi, but it really is an excellent service.