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Need mysql help!

Started by doctoreast, February 13, 2007, 09:12:58 PM

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   I've exported my file.sql dbase file from
elsewhere, and am trying to import the text here,
but it's not importing.  It appears to be loading,
but the finished product comes up empty, no tables. 
It's too big to paste, like 2.5mb, and so I need
another option.

  The server is painfully slow... 

  I googled this subject, and came up with
several scenerios, and I'm wondering if someone
can explain to me how to configure this sql command line?

yourbox> mysql -h host -u user -pPasswd yourdatabase < sqlfile.sql

  The problem may be language related, but I have imported this same
file before with no problems.



You'd need a direct command line to do that. You might try uploading the file to your account and sending in a contact form request to have the data imported into a database (be sure to specify the database and location of the file). I know they used to do that for you, not sure if they do anymore, but you can try.


  I've been jacking with this since 9am, all freaking day long
with this darn server. I moved the file elsewhere, so that I
can work with it with any kind of decent speed. Is there a
way to excess it from here, instead of using this one?


I assume you mean that you have the file on another server on the internet and not this one. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think the file needs to be on this server to do a command line import.

If you'd rather do it another way, you could try splitting the sql file up into multiple parts and importing them separately. I've done that with a few files that were too large for PMA to process in one upload (before timing out)