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Server Sending Email!?!?!?!

Started by David, February 13, 2007, 07:38:30 PM

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Ok, I installed two great scripts, PHP-Nuke and an Arcade script.

In the Arcade Script, When I use the password recovery script, it tells me password sent but I dont get any.

In my Php-Nuke site It says registration confirmation thing sent but I never get it. :( I tried diff email services so thats not the problem...

Does Freepgs not send mail or something??

I need to fix this pronto so any help would be great! Thanks.


Try another email address to send it to, not a
public yahoo/goog/hot email address.  I've had
the same problem, in that google will not accept
email sent from freepgs due to freepgs horrible
spam history, which is now supposedly resolved. 


ALSO be sure you've requested to have mail() turned back on for your account (I would think you'd get an error if it didn't send properly because that was disabled, but some of my scripts didn't give one). Also, on hotmail and yahoo it MIGHT show up in the bulk mail folder assuming it isn't trashed on receipt.


ah.. thanks guys i didnt know i had to request it... how come they just dont enable it???


It was turned off just recently because of someone spamming it. So now you have to request it for your account, as mentioned above.


Why is this not mentioned somewhere in the updates on here, or the main page where you log into your account?  I'm quite annoyed, I've spent quite a while trying to find out why my sites wont send email, sending test messages, and so on.  A simple email would have been nice so we knew why it wasn't working.


We couldn't send emails to users when this was changed, because our server was still blacklisted from the last spam attack.  (90% of the replies we attempted to send were rejected)

Thank you, Admin


Thanks for the reply, and glad to see it is on the login page now too  :)


Maybe an inter user contact system when people log into their accounts. Or whats going on for members only?...


Has the server been un blacklisted?