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Setting up my domain (settings)

Started by AlexN, February 13, 2007, 01:12:55 AM

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Hi there, I just got an email from my domain provider, but I'm not quite sure how to set this up (a little too technical for me)

Heres some part of the email:
QuotePlease note: Your domain name must be using our name servers, and, for your newly created DNS record to work.

Here's a screen shot of the actual DNS Management screen on the domain providers site (which I have to configure)

If anyone has any idea how to do this, please give a shout.

thanks :)


As it says add www then click apply lol :)


Pick "A",  leave the blank beside empty, use the ip address in the answer field, I suppose leave the other one at default

Add another record:
Pick "CNAME", put www in the blank beside, then put in the answer blank, leave the TTL at the default value

Then add it to the freepgs options panel under the A/CNAME option (from the "Setup Domains" page)

ALTERNATIVELY you could change the nameservers (which doesn't appear to be on that page) and set up the domain with freepgs with that option.


Cool thanks, all done. I'm just curious though, whats this for: ' and'?

By the way, it is normal for this to happen (click the link):

Freepgs error:
QuoteThe error was:
Unknown Domain

Sorry, this page is not available

You are receiving this error because the domain you have attempted to view
has not been associated to a users FreePgs account


I assume the ns1 and ns2 are your name servers...

Yes, it's normal, you just have to wait for the admins to add you into the system (I'm pretty sure it's not automated).