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Using phpMyAdmin to edit table

Started by megawatt, January 29, 2007, 10:29:56 AM

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Can someone tell me how to use phpMyAdmin to edit a table? I wanted to change table phpbb_banlist to phpbb2_banlist but I dont seem to be able to find the table edit function in phpMyAdmin. Thanks.



Maybe I am dumb but there is no 'pencil' icon.


OK, so you've clicked the little MG link on the databases page and logged in.
Next you're going to click on the "structure" button for the table you want to change (looks like a hand holding a card).
Then you're going to click the "Operations" tab at the top right.
In there you'll see a "Move table to (database.table)", you'll type the new table name in there and hit Go, and it should change it for you :)

PS: I can't find a pencil icon either ;)


Once you log into myadmin and you are looking at the main screen.

Step 1

You can mess a database up very easy here so back it up before you make any changes.
Be sure the table has records in it or else you wont be able to edit it. Else you can click the structure icon "Next to the Browse icon" and edit the table itself.


Step 2

You can now either edit the records or the table remember the pencil icon is the edit icon.


Thanks guys.

brainiac, yours maybe one method to do it but I did it by selecting the database that contained the table to edit, clicked on the SQL tab up top and entered:

RENAME TABLE tablename_ TO newtablename_

Hit GO and it  renamed the table.

bonehead, I believe you are talking about editing the records in a database table. Can that also rename a table?


Yup, it sure can just click structure button.