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FTP not working and cron job question

Started by Zinan, December 27, 2006, 06:11:25 AM

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I sent a contact form to the admin about this but wanted to get some feedback from you all. My website displays perfectly, I can access ftp manager and online file manager via this site. The only problem I'm getting now is that I can't connect through LeapFTP. It says

Connecting to ******.com, Port 21 (#1)
Resolved host as:
ERROR: Connection refused

Does anyone know what can be the cause of this and how to fix it?

Secondly, how do I make a cron job file to backup my sql and web files? I am not familiar on how to make one.



Be sure you're trying to connect to, why did you star out the connecting to (I can't think of a reason other than you not using Even if you have a domain you should still use

You can request a cron job through the contact form (be sure you use the one in the options panel after you're logged into you're account)


I've been unable to access the FTP through SmartFTP and FireFTP lately.

I think he ** out the domain because he doesn't want people trying to connect to his site.  It may have just been a security measure.


The point I'm making is if he was connecting to there would be no need to star it out.. :)


The FTP was fixed. I still don't know how cron jobs works. I've sent messages to admin about cron job a few times before but he said for me to send him a cron job for him to execute or something like that. I don't know how to make a cron job file. I also can't see where it mentions cron jobs anywhere in the options panel. I just want to backup my web files like.. export them all in a compressed gzip file so it's less messier than me having to drag all the files to my computer. I was also thinking maybe we can have like how we have "manage databases" and have that "EX" link where it exports the database, maybe have one for webfiles as well. That way it would be alot easier for some of us who don't know how cron jobs work.


A quick and dirty cron job, is to attach one to the most used php script on your site.

You can get many, free php cron scripts. Set the script up to do whatever, then attach an include to the most used php file on your site. The file will fire the cron and your settings such as times etc will be executed.


Well we can set up actual real cron jobs if you'll just tell the admin what file you want to execute. It looks like you need to write a PHP script (or find one) that will compress all of the files in your account into a gzip and write it. Then just give the admin the URL of that file and how often you'd like it run, and he can set up the cron job for you.